Fastec HiSpec 4

Fastec HiSpec 4

3 MP resolution high speed camera

Outstanding image quality and up to 523 full frames per second at 1696 x 1710 pixel resolution. The HiSpec 4 is GiGE compatible for easy remote camera control and allows users to operate multiple cameras from any standard Notebook / PC over a distance of 100 meters. The HiSpec 4 is a perfect fit for a wide variety of high-speed motion applications with the capacity to capture megapixel images at more than 1,400 fps. At reduced resolutions, images can be captured at up to 298,000 fps. The ImageBLITZ® Auto Trigger makes it easy to catch random events. In the field of view, users specify a "region of interest" and the software takes over. Any change in the pre-set area will stop the recording and save the images in memory. These easy-to-use features make the HiSpec 4 a valuable tool in any lab, production line or manufacturing environment. Hi-"G" and IRIG timing are available as options.

Download Fastec HiSpec 4 Data Sheet


  • 1696 x 1710 resolution CMOS sensor
  • 523 frames per second at full resolution
  • 1216 x 1216 resolution at 1,000 frames per second
  • Frame rates in excess of 200,000 at reduced resolution
  • Compact Size - 63mm H x 63mm W x 65mm D and .28 kg