Fastec HiSpec 2

Fastec HiSpec 2

Excellent light sensitivity and image quality

The HiSpec 2 features a built-in battery, expandable memory from a standard 4GB up to 8GB and can be configured to withstand 100 Hi-G accelerations for 20 ms and vibration to 10g's. Its built-in battery ensures fail-safe operation in the event of a power loss and allows untethered operation for up to an hour. There is also an image retention mode that stores images up to 24 hours. The choice of Hi-G format, IRIG B timing and increased memory combined with its small size make the HiSpec 2 ideal for on-board automotive impact testing, military ordinance testing and other harsh environments. With its ISO rating of 3,200 monochrome, the HiSpec 2 records images in superb detail up to 506 fps at 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and up to 112,000 fps at reduced resolutions.

Download Fastec HiSpec 2 Data Sheet


  • 1280 x 1024 resolution CMOS sensor
  • 506 frames per second at full resolution
  • Frame rates in excess of 100,000 at reduced resolution
  • 4GB or 8GB of image memory
  • Battery operation