Fastec FasMotion

Fastec FasMotion

Camera Control Software

FasMotion is Fastec proprietary camera control software for setting up and controlling the TS and IL series of high speed cameras.With it you may configure all parameters including Recording Mode, Session Length, Resolution, Frame Rate, Exposure, Color Balance, Autosave, Trigger point, and I/O Sync options.

Download FasMotion Software v2.1.8


  • Supports New IL5 and TS5 cameras as well as TS3/IL3 and TS4/IL4 series
  • Transcoding features in FasMotion allow you to re-save stored video
  • Powerful new Overlay feature adds metadata and/or user text boxes to video
  • FasMotion for Windows is now 64-bit for better performance, especially in saving video