High-Performance High-Speed Camera System

The Photron FASTCAM SA-Z offers scientists, researchers and engineers the ability to capture high resolution digital images at ultra-high speeds to see and understand previously invisible processes and events. Using Photron's proprietary CMOS image sensor technology, FASTCAM SA-Z combines high recording rates with outstanding light sensitivity and excellent image quality to provide the most versatile ultra-high speed digital camera available today.

The ultra-high speed FASTCAM SA-Z provides mega pixel resolution to a blistering 21,000 frames per second (fps) from it's very light sensitive (ISO 25,000) 20µm square pixels, with 12-bit pixel depth (ADC) delivering incredible image quality. The FASTCAM SA-Z can operate at reduced resolution beyond two million frames per second.

A global electronic shutter, 1µs standard, but capable of operating down as fast as 159 nanoseconds (export restrictions apply) ensures the 12-bit monochrome, 36-bit color images are crystal clear and blur free as you have come to expect from Photron high speed imaging products.

The square image format is ideal for any application requiring recording through a round or square viewing ports, such as combustion research, and has the added benefit of enabling users to rotate their camera if required without having to sacrifice horizontal resolution as is required when a camera with a rectangular aspect ratio is mounted on its side. Tools within Photron's PFV camera control / replay/ editing software allow the displayed image to be rotated to reflect the true view.

Download Photron FASTCAM SA-Z Data Sheet


  • Powerful performance with many usable resolution and speed combinations, including:
    • 20,000 fps at 1,024 x 1,024 pixels resolution
    • 40,000 fps at 1,024 x 512 pixel resolution
    • 100,000 fps at 640 x 280 pixel resolution
    • 200,000 fps at 384 x 176 pixel resolution
  • Reduced resolution operation to over 2M frames per second
  • Market leading light sensitivity (ISO Ssat 12232 standard)
    • ISO 25,000 monochrome
    • ISO 10,000 color
  • Global electronic shutter as fast as 159ns (dependant on frame rate selected), freezing the fastest motion without blur
  • Two SD card slots and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports enable easy and very fast image off load
  • Available with four onboard memory options: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB